The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes
The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes
The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes
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Publisher: Kaplan
Numero di pagine: 274
Format: pdf
Lingua: English
ISBN-10: 1419537237
ISBN-13: 9781419537233
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At a team-building meeting, Lewis, a stockbroker and motivational speaker, was asked to write what her purpose in life was. For the first eight minutes of the 15-minute exercise, her mind wandered. She snapped into action for the remaining seven minutes and felt stunned when she finally put down her pencil: she had encapsulated her deepest desires in that time, and with this book she asserts that others can change their lives, too, through such small steps. Citing a study that shows that corporate executives have only an average attention span of seven minutes, she posits that people should make seven-minute decisions that will result in enormous benefits at work and at home. She recommends a bevy of "micro-actions" (babysteps toward larger goals) and provides blanks for the readers to write down personal insights. The few stories Lewis uses to flesh out her advice tend to be familiar (a pallid retelling of Shackleton's perilous Antarctic expedition) or self-serving (her delight in returning home for Christmas). The readers most likely to respond to Lewis's recommendations will be those who have already made the major commitment to take small steps.
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Change happens the moment you decide to change.  In The Seven Minute Difference, Allyson Lewis spells it out!



(David Bach #1 Bestselling Author of The Automatic Millionaire )
Dawn C. Duca | 5 su 5 Stelle!

In just seven minutes, the course of Allyson Lewis' life changed. In just the few hours it took me to read Allyson's book, The Seven Minute Difference, my life changed. Allyson's book does not just provide advice, but actionable steps that can be taken to take charge of your life -- professionally and personally -- to achieve the goals you want to achieve. She is a hands-on writer and the book is chock full of tangible ideas for ways you can implement the Seven Minute Difference in your life. It is an easy-to-read book and one that you will want to own, not borrow, so you can underline and highlight the points you want to remember and come back to again and again. Allyson makes her points with both enthusiasm and poignancy and I personally have purchased 6 additional copies to give to friends. As Allyson says, "change happens in an instant," and the changes you want to make in your professional and/or personal life will happen when you read this book.

Tom Carpenter | 5 su 5 Stelle!

There are only so many ways to present the same information, but Allyson Lewis seems to have found a new one. The concept of seven minute exercises is GREAT! There are procrastinators and unmotivated people everywhere who can be impacted by this book.

Lots of books tell you you should change this or that, but they fail to make the change appealing or even possible. This book proposes that change can happen in little seven minute increments. That concept alone, will change thousands - even millions - of lives.

I think this would be a great gift book for any procrastinators or unmotivated people in your life.

Steven M. Rowell | 5 su 5 Stelle!

We are all overwhelmed by information overload, jam-packed personal calendars, and to-do lists that never stop. Many of us are working in jobs that don't allow us to do what we do best every day. And many of us spend hours dreaming about what it would be like to have passion for our work again.

This is all about to change in an instant!

The Seven Minute Difference delivers powerful micro-actions that you can do immediately building massive momentum in your life!

The genius of this "personal success mastery" book is the practicality of its solutions, and the accessibility of the concepts. I have read this entire book on a single airplane ride, three times! Every time I get juiced and focused on powerful strategies to get my life and my work moving forward.

This book helped me realize what I had to do immediately to become a better husband, a better father, and a better entrepreneur.

Read this book-and most importantly "DO THIS BOOK." It will change your life, seven minutes at a time!

If you know someone who is stuck or not achieving their greatest potential, give them this book, and you will give them their greatest gift of all-the ability to take control of their dreams, their passion and their life!

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